Main business



The main business

  • Laying of new pipelines by controlled boring without digging a trench;
  • Reconstruction of the pipelines by breaking the existing old pipelines, and drawing in a new plastic pipe of larger diameter;
  • Reconstruction of pipelines by drawing in a plastic pipe into the existing old pipeline;
  • Horizontal drawing through of plastic pipelines;
  • Horizontal slotting of steel pipes up to 1200 mm diameter for encasement, etc.

The enterprise can perform other works as well:

  • trench digging with multi-bucket and mini excavators;
  • cutting of asphalt and concrete pavings with tractor and hand mills;
  • laying of cables of various types, and their draw in with mechanical crab and computerized drawing power control;
  • vertical and horizontal punching of metal beams and poles;
  • clearing works of the surroundings;
  • rent of building machinery.

Building of engineering constructions

The enterprice is engaged in installation of security systems, devices of buildings and premises, designs engineering systems for buildings and territories.

Communications and electricity works

Designing and building of communications and power networks. Designing, installation, assembling of telecommunications systems.

Construction and reconstruction of var. Buildings

The company performs masonry, plastering works, building works of zero cycle, builds, repairs industrial agriculturial.